My time at Tonic

On the first day, Monday, I went to a meeting with all the workers in the morning I didn’t understand what was going on but it was fun to sit in a meeting as I had

never been in a meeting before. Later in the day, I worked on Photoshop making a CD cover with Joel which I really enjoyed.

On Tuesday, I travelled to Marylebone lane with John to a print and design company called Hobs. I got to look around at all the different technology and printers they have there, it was really fun and got to see all the different ways to print book covers, banners and boxes.

I also got to make a website with Lee from with WordPress, my website was advertising for a dog walking service 

On Wednesday, I went out around London to help with the filming for one of Tonics clients. The video will be used to show to the client how the potential advert would come along, it was a really cool experience watching it come together throughout the day.

I went to a focus group on Thursday, I got to watch members of the public discussing their opinions on different matters and what they thought on potential creative ideas in front of the camera to show the client and give them feedback for themselves and what to include when promoting joining. Which was really fun to watch.

Today, Friday, I have been photocopying sheets for a clients campaign, I was also looking at ways the Tonic Agency website could be adapted and upgraded to make it more exiting, new and fresh. And lastly, writing up what I’ve done each day so far for my blog.

Second Week:

On Monday, I started by working on excel for the Tonic social calendar, I was coming up with ideas for future Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts and writing the captions. I also got to listen in on a call with a client, this was fun as I got to experience of what it would actually be like talking to a client. Lastly on Monday, I got to play around with a Gear VR doing the same activities from the “be the best” campaign for the army which was so cool.

On Tuesday, I went to a company called Inition which had really cool virtual reality technology. I got to use a VR headset, a table tablet which is an iPad as big as a table and 3D glasses which you could see but it also showed holographic images as well which you could move around with your fingers. It was so much fun!!!

On Wednesday, I went to a meeting about marketing. I also made a power point for ideas on what to do for a new campaign where they give information to graduates about the jobs at a company, I created new ideas to still inform the graduates about careers but in a fun, new and exciting way e.g. using virtual reality to play games to do with  and race against the clock to solve puzzles to win prizes. It was really fun because I got to come up with ideas no matter how extravagant and weird.

On Thursday, I finished off coming up for ideas and I got to pitch my presentation to a man called Tony. Doing this brief  has been my absolute favorite project out of the whole 2 weeks, I would like to maybe go into creative when I’m older, it was really fun because I could come up with anything and be really creative. It was so fun, and I loved doing this project. Later on, I proof read an email using special codes to change, add and delete parts of the email for example:

I got 7/10 for a mini test on my proof reading skills, it was really interesting learning how to use all these different codes. I also got given a hologram viewer, which they had tested previously on a client it was really cool!

On Friday, I was looking at other creative marketing websites from links I was sent. All the marketing companies I looked at were all so unique, I watched videos and read blogs about the company’s campaigns and all their ideas and projects they were working on and were all so inventive.

I have really enjoyed doing work experience the past 2 weeks, it has been really fun and I have had so much fun! A big thanks to Tonic Agency for having me and showing this is a field I want to pursue in the future.

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