The Vodafone Festival of Technology

Tomorrow, our man Tam will be attending a unique event run by Vodafone at their Newbury HQ. The Festival of Technology. It’s a tech focused event for school leavers, their parents and advisors. It’s designed to be a great learning experience – and it’s free.

The event is a centrepiece of the broader strategy for National Apprenticeship Week. A celebration that Vodafone are complementing with events that will happen at local schools and colleges.

The event is open-source. And that’s the killer app. Inviting others to share in giving the greatest user value through collaboration.

Many of the large, local employers in the area are taking an active part too. This shifts the onus back to the students, but also gives as much value and help as possible where it’s needed. Vodafone take a lead on youth engagement and employment, and we’re proud to be playing a role in that.

So, what’s planned? Vodafone have lined up fun-filled and informative sessions with a focus on technology. Interactive gaming. A tour of the Vodafone Campus (a techies dream). And the Discover Augmented Reality Mobile game we developed. The highlight will be talks from influencers already at Vodafone – and a Q&A with impressive tech leaders.

All in all, this should be a great day for students, careers advisors and parents alike. With over 200 registrations there’s sure to be plenty of useful information shared. We’ll be there sharing some key insights from the sessions, so stay tuned if you’re keen to know more. Follow Vodafone UK Careers on Facebook and @Tonictweeting to keep up to date.

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